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Wafer Processing System

Wafer Processing System

4″  (100mm)  Wafer Fab System
1 micron  processes

Can be included:

  • Diffusion furnace, 3 tube (custom gas cabinet [quoted separately)
  • PVD Electron beam evaporator with 4 pocket gun
  • Table top RIE (Reactive Ion Etcher)
  • Programmable photo resist spinner
  • 4″ mask aligner, 1 micron resolution   [shown in foto]
  • 400x microscope with dark field
  • One (1) 4 foot polypropylene wet station with hotplate
  • One (1) 6 foot polypropylene wet station with hotplate
  • Profilometer
  • Plasma asher
  • High resolution probe station with 2 probes
  • Spin rinser dryer
  • Wire bonder
  • Die bonder
  • Die shear/pull tester
  • High temperature vacuum oven (400c for wafers)
  • Vapor prime oven

Hepafilter oven

Well suited for University Nanolab or R&D facilities

All machines listed above will be refurbished, fully operational condition

All items Come with 30 Days Warranty

Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery

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