True Near Infrared Furnaces for SMD

True Near Infrared Furnaces for SMD

Production IR Furnaces for SMD Production

D-Series Ovens & Dryers

D-Series IR Oven
D-Series IR Oven
IR Dryers or Ovens for drying and/or curing with infrared energy from 90-400 degrees *C*, with excellent uniformity across the belt and precise, repeatable zone temperature control.Choice of 24, 37, 61 or 91 cm wide belts for increased throughput while maintaining acceptable residence time.Inch widths called out on spex page.Ultrasonic belt cleaning and production line signaling/product transfer options available. Used for precision thick film drying and baking and curing of polyimide coatings or embedded components.The D-Series IR Dryer uniform heating is ideal for production heat processing applications, surface heating, drying and curing speciality coatings and finishing operations.An available closed atmosphere option allows thermal processing without oxidation.
LA-Series Laboratory Furnaces

LA-309 Production IR Furnace
LA-309 Production IR Furnace
Updated! LA-306

LA-306D (Dental)

New! LA-309P
All 3-series furnaces feature: SS Load station, 38 cm (15″) L Full 38 cm (15″) L Entrance Baffle SS Heating Chamber, 76 cm (30″) L Full 38 cm (15″) L Transition Baffle CACT cooling, 76 cm (30″)  L SS Unload station, 38 cm (15″) LProcess gasses may be CDA, nitrogen or forming gas (up to 5% hydrogen). Many performance and ease of use options are available. LA-306:  3-Zone, 15 cm, (6-inch) belt Single phase 1000 degrees  *C* IR furnace for tight temperature control in a tiny footprint for production and lab. The ever popular LA-306 models include our latest Discrete Digital Control system with our new closed-loop belt speed control. LA-309P:  3-Zone  24 cm (9.5-inch) belt provides large furnace processing power in a high-quality cost-effective compact furnace. The LA-309P is features the standard LA-309 furnace internals  installed in an expanded LA-306 frame. Like the LA-306, the LA-309P uses our latest Discrete Digital Control system with closed-loop belt speed control. LA-309: 3 to 4-Zone  24 cm (9.5″) belt The LA-309 furnace is a powerful and versatile 3- or 4-zone computer controlled furnace. LA-309 and LA-309P both include a transition tunnel exhaust stack for balancing process gas flow. LA-Series Furnaces are used for experimental, prototype or low volume processing and specialty production applications where rapid heat rise in a controlled process atmosphere in a small footprint is of particular interest.Its flexibility, process precision, temperature range, and controlled atmosphere capabilities is similar to many of our larger models.Clean air compatible to Class 1000, the LA-309 can process substrates, wafers, PCBs, metal, ceramic, or glass parts for VOC burnout, thick film firing – including solar cell firing, semiconductor package sealing: solder lid seal, glass seal, low oxygen solder seal (<20ppmv), glass seal, epoxy die attach, polymer curing, reflow soldering, and precious metals and alloy brazing and annealing.
SMD-Series SMD-Series IR FurnaceSemiconductor Packaging SMD-series infrared furnaces for higher production yield and throughput and feature start-up often in less than 30 minutes for temperature profiles up to 1000 degrees *C*.Tested against convention furnace technology, the SMD-series furnaces offer faster setup and stabilization time; repeatable profiles; no degrade of seal process; lower internal cavity moisture content and comparable hermetic performance; lowest ppm defect rates; and superior temperature uniformity.Also 90% belt edge conveyor load efficiency.  Inert atmosphere for fine pitch solder pastes.Diffuse near and medium IR heating efficiency without color selectivity. Electronic industry semiconductor packaging, frame attach, die attach and sealing applications. Choose Air for low cost; Nitrogen (max 500 ppm oxygen) reduces board browning and flux charring for easier cleaning; or Nitrogen (max 5 ppm Oxygen) for 40-60% faster processing speeds, lower defect rates, and improved secondary soldering yields, ideal for high volume critical applications.Also used for ceramic and glass epoxy applications and a variety of production processes including curing polymer thick film materials or epoxy potting compounds Nomenclature and legend inks. Conformal coatings, bonding epoxies or encapsulating epoxies on IC’s Process heat shrink tubing, bake photoresist on silicon wafers, drying thick film pastes.
TFP-Series Thick Film Process Furnace TF-Series IR Furnace Updated, with new DDC control system.

Fast efficient thick film production infrared furnaces. Capable of 1000 degrees *C* these units utilize high level near infrared radiation to rapidly and accurately fire resistors, conductors and dielectrics in a controlled clean, dry atmosphere. The furnaces are designed to cycle on a daily or more frequent basis. They will stabilize at 1000 degrees *C* from a cold start in under 20 minutes. Major profile changes can be accomplished in minutes, allowing the furnace to be regularly used for a variety of processes. Production rates of up to 23,000 square inches per hour (16 ipm) can be achieved, with still higher rates for some conductors and dielectrics.

Designed for 280-1000 degrees *C* volume production of noble metal thick film products, metal, ceramic and glass inks screen-printed on a variety of substrates for production of surface mount devices, hybrid integrated circuits and sensors including  semiconductor package sealing:  solder lid seal, glass seal, low oxygen solder seal (<20ppmv), glass seal, epoxy die attach and other electronic devices.The energy-rich, radiant environment allows all thick film materials to be processed very rapidly.Resistors are processed at  total profile times of 12-15 minutes while conductors and dielectrics can be fired in as little as 10  minutes.This environment affords tighter distribution of process parts and also gives the processor the ability to cofire multilayers up to 300mm thick.
S-Series Seal Production FurnacesS-Series IR Furnace Fast efficient production infrared furnace, the S-series furnaces offer high production yield and throughput and feature start-up often in less than 30 minutes, precise and repeatable zone temperature control, temperature profiles up to 1000 degrees *C* and controlled-atmosphere capability of 1-5 ppm above incoming gas purity.The S-Series Infrared Furnaces utilize high intensity heat to achieve exacting temperature profiles, with rapid heat rise and no overshoot.Two to 12-Zone systems available.Hydrogen capabilities too! Ideal for many high-temperature semiconductor and thick-film processing.The rapid heat rise of these furnaces is of particular advantage in the final lid sealing or die attach process since the semiconductor is not exposed to prolonged high temperature.In lead frame attachment, there is no contact with the part to cause distortion in the frame.All leads remain planar which greatly facilitates subsequent automatic wire bonding steps.
AG-SeriesAG-Series IR Furnace Infrared furnace temperatures up to 1000 degrees *C*, multistage temperature profiles, rapid removal of volatiles with multiple intermediate exhausts, inline drying and firing, multiple atmospheres with gas barriers, clean room compatible.Two to 12-Zone systems available. Silver-glass die attach, CERDIP and similar processes requiring multi-stage temperature profiles and rapid removal of volatiles. These capabilities are facilitated by the use of multiple intermediate exhaust stacks. Ideal for single and two stage silver-glass die attach profiles, as well as solar-cell and green tape drying and firing sequences.
SC-Series Solar Cell FurnacesS-Series IR Furnace Fast efficient production infrared furnace. SC-series furnaces offer high production yield and throughput, feature start-up often in less than 30 minutes, precise and repeatable zone temperature control, temperature profiles up to 1000 degrees *C* and controlled-atmosphere capability of 1-5 ppm above incoming gas purity. The SC-Series Solar Cell furnace can be combined with an integral dryer in the SCD-Series Solar Cell system! High-temperature photovoltaic applications. The rapid heat rise of these furnaces is of particular advantage in the final  process.Order with a dryer as an option and you have an SCD Series Furnace!