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Multilayer Ceramic Consulting Services

Multilayer Ceramic Consulting Services

Technical and Manufacturing Expertise Includes,
but is not limited to!

Product and process development (ceramic slurry and tape development), troubleshooting and process control for multilayer co-fired processes in all phases.

We also offer over 40 years of technical support experience for customers (globally) using MLCC dielectric powders and paste along with HTCC and LTCC tape and paste systems.

Assistance in optimization of customers processes, troubleshooting  of production issues and yield improvement.

Plateable Silver Process

  • Enhanced thermal conductivity heat spreaders
  • Multi-Layer Cavities
  • Complex 3-Dimensional Shapes
  • Package on Package (PoP)
  • High frequency substrates and packages operating at frequencies up to 110 GHz.
  • Fully hermetic high reliability packaging
  • Space and flight qualified substrates and packaging.

    • Over 40 years of combined RF and Microwave design experience
    • Over 75 years of combined LTCC substrate and package fabrication experience
      • Low-Temp Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) and Thick-Film Design
      • Advanced Vertically Integrated Substrate and Package Design
      • RF and Microwave Simulation including Full-wave 3D EM Simulation
      • Filter Design – Lumped, Distributed, Tunable, Embedded) including High Power Filter Design
      • Synthesizer Design including VCO’s, Resonators and PLL’s
      • RF Amplifier Design
      • Receiver and Transceiver Design

Multilayer Ceramic Processing Equipment

Multilayer Ceramic Tape Casters/Lab Scale

Multilayer Ceramic Tape Casters/Coaters

Multilayer Equipment


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