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MICROSCOPE – Technical Instrument KMS 310 RT Measurement Microscope

MICROSCOPE – Technical Instrument KMS 310 RT Measurement Microscope

Technical Instrument Co.
KMS 310 RT

Measurement Microscope

This KMS appears to be in *very nice* cosmetic condition,
showing some minor signs of normal wear.


·      Nikon Trinocular Head with CFWN 10x/20 Eyepieces

·      AmScope MT300 Video Camera with 30.5mm/c-mount
Four Objectives (CF Plan 10X/0.30 ∞/0 EPI WD 16.5, CF Plan 50X/0.80
EPI WD 0.54, CF Plan 100X/0.95 ∞/0 EPI WD 0.3

·      CF Plan Apo 150X/0.95 ∞/0 EPI WD 02)

·      Motorized X-Y Stage

·      Motorized Z-Axis Focusing Tower with Heidenhain Linear Encoders

·      Heidenhain ND 780 3-Axis Digital Position Display Unit

·      Two Joystick Controllers

·      Chui Technical Corp. SLS-150
Fiberoptic Illuminator Light Source 

          TMC Optical Breadboard (30″ x 60″) with Table.

This system is missing a second light source
which connects to the loose light-guide
for the top illuminator.

Monitor is not included for the video camera, which is untested.

System powers up: the Chui Light Source powers up and
illuminates from the bottom.

Heidenhain display powers up and registers the position of the
X-Y Stage and the Z-Focus;
Both joysticks operate as programmed.

Optics appear to be undamaged, showing crisp, clear focusing

Approximate overall unpacked dimensions: 32″L x 62″W x 61″H


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