mpm-spm, large bed, screen printer

MPM SPM,  Manually Loaded Stand Alone Screen / Stencil Printer
with large bed – 29″ x 29″.  It appears to be in fair cosmetic condition, although there are a few small dings, scratches, & signs of previous use. This Screen Printer comes with three video monitors, a Maintenance/Troubleshooting Manual, and a few tools. Please look at the slider above.

The Screen Printer and Computer powers-up although the monitor connected to the computer does not display anything. The monitor works, it is simply not getting a signal from the computer. Both Sony SSC-C104 Hyper HAD Cameras power-up and the ring lamps illuminate. One camera displays a picture on one of the video monitors. We are unable to get the second camera to display a picture on the other monitor.
This is the only testing that has been performed.
We do not have the equipment or training to formally test this item, so it is being sold as is for best offer.

The unpacked dimensions of this item are approximately 60“L x 78“W x 56“H.

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