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Hayes Solitaire Conveyor Furnace

Hayes Solitaire Conveyor Furnace

Super Solitaire 27
Integral Atmosphere Generator
Hayes Solitaire is a straight through mesh belt
conveyor furnace designed to provide continuous
product throughput and complete process flexibility.

The Furnace consists of several major sections:  

  • Drive System

  • Entrance Vestibule

  • Heating Chamber

  • Cooling Chamber

  • Exit Vestibule

  • Integral Ammonia Dissociator



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This Furnace is capable of:

  • Enameling

  • Annealing

  • Hardening

  • Brazing

  • Soldering

  • Glass to Metal Sealing

  • Sintering



Super Solitaire 27

NH3 & Nitrogen Inlet Flowmeters

Combustible atmosphere system with N2 purge

Inconel Muffle with internal hearth plates

Furnace (6) Nichrome Ribbon Elements
AD150   (6) Nichrome Ribbon Elements

314SS Mesh Belt rated 3# per linear foot loading @ 2000F



Hot Zone: 27”Long Heated Length,  6”wide Mesh Belt,  3”Work Height
Overall Dim.: Approx  2-1/2’  Wide  x  5’ High  x  20’ Long
Max Temp.: 2100F  (1150C) Continuous at 2000 deg.F
Utilities: Furnace 18kw, Contactor Power Switching, Wired 240/3/60

AD150 15kw, Contactor Power Switching, Wired 240/3/60

Controls: Honeywell Temp Control & Honeywell Overtemp Control, Both Furnace and 150 CFH Ammonia Dissociator

Rear mounted Belt Drive with Indexing Control

Digital speed readout 0-20ipm

Extended Front Entrance Tunnel with Nitrogen Curtains and Burn-off Stack

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