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CI Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace

CI Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace

CI Hayes MY-040890-90PHM
High Temperature Pusher Furnace

  • 4” Height over Hearth
  • Trays 8” wide, recommended tray size 8” X 8” X 7/8”
  • Electrically heated 90” long preheat rated for 1100C. 42KW, 3 zones of control with Nichrome elements. Metallic Muffle in preheat.
  • High Heat is 90” long and rated for 1500C. 6 zones of control with “moly” heating elements. 117Kw, 460/3/60Hz
  • 198” long cooling zone with 5 zones control
  • Automated doors at each end of furnace with nitrogen atmosphere
  • Dissociated ammonia/nitrogen blending atmosphere with nitrogen purge. Multiple inlets for even atmosphere
  • Overtemp protection control for both preheat and high heat
  • A-B SLC-500 logic control
  • Screw drive, dual speed, anti jam protection
  • Articulated return conveyor
  • Hearth level 44”
  • Overall footprint; 125” W x 545” L x 72” H
    (without burn off stacks).

Complete and in pretty d-a-r-n good condition!

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