Circa: 1990


2018 will see our direction change a bit.

Wafer Process Equipment will now be part of our offerings
Plus. . .
Moly Furnaces, Pusher Furnaces, Reflow Furnaces, High Temp Furnaces
Diffusion Furnaces, Co-Fire Furnaces.

Heat Treating - LTCC-HTCC Thermal Processing
and other applications.

We are tot
ally focused on providing you
with high quality equipment, both reconditioned  and *as-is*.


We know how important it is for you to make
the right investment decisions and we understand
that the purchase of a piece of new equipment
is not always feasible with tight operating budgets or timelines.

Purchasing preowned - reconditioned equipment allows
for savings of at least 60% of new,
while providing typically the same quality and performance.

If you are not ready to buy new, choose
the very best alternative to ensure quality
and performance: a reconditioned system

Every system we supply undergoes
a stringent series of checks - if it's not sold *as-is*

The these procedures are carried out
by our qualified team of engineers
and technicians working to the most
exacting standards.

Upon purchase, and after an initial inspection,
each machine to be sold functional is cleaned,
reconditioned as required and tested to ensure
that manufacturer’s specifications are met.

Whenever any parts are replaced,
only factory approved parts
are used.

The result of this process is a high quality machine
that will provide you with years of service.

Our Reconditioning Process:

  • Replacement, Rebuilding or Refurbishment
    of components and assemblies, as appropriate.
  • Housings and covers reworked and / or painted,
    as appropriate

  • Thorough detail cleaning of complete system.
  • In our Furnace reconditioning - replacement of worn mechanical parts
    with good or rebuilt parts
  • Functional testing to factory specifications on Furnaces
    per recommended diagnostics and procedures.

    Although we may not have the capabilities
    to test some of our Wafer Fab and Medical Equipment,
    we will note this in the description.
  • Application software testing as appropriate.
  • Full functional testing of Furnaces 
    unless purchased *as-is*.

Quality Control and Shipping:

  • Final functional testing of all Semiconductor Equipment
    with documented (video/pictures).
  • Systems are made ready for packing/crating
    (all assemblies locked down and secured).
  • Systems packed:
    All components bubble / stretch  wrapped individually.
  • Professional crating of system.
    Each crate generally includes a floating base, tip-n-tell devices,
    and shock-watch devices inside and outside of crate.
    Equipment is vacuum barrier bagged for International shipments.
  • o
  • Shipping arrangements made with an approved
    shipping company and for smaller items and the best priced and insured
    *Air Ride* carrier for larger items.
  • Or, we can use your carrier of choice and bill your account!
  • Our International shipments are handled thru
    various freight forwarders to be most cost effective for our customers.
  • Shipping documentation provided;
    Shipment confirmation email sent
    with applicable tracking info.
  • All shipments are fully insured.

How we package what we sell:

We take all measures to ensure our equipment is professionally packed,
and/or crated, and shipped as carefully as possible to ensure safe delivery to your facility.

  • Our crates are professionally built
    and our craters use ISPM-15 Certified Wood
    for all International shipments.
  • All systems are crated onsite where we can
    supervise all phases of the crating process.
  • Equipment being shipped Internationally
    is vapor barrier bagged (vacuum sealed) for added protection.
  • All equipment is shipped via air-ride truck
    (air freight for smaller international shipments).
  • All systems are fully insured throughout transit.


  • We're also continuously looking for Wafer Fab and
    Furnaces, and / or ANY surplus semiconductor equipment to purchase.
  • From single systems, to complete process lines,
    as well as complete fabrication facilities.
  • If you are looking to sell off your idle or surplus equipment,
    please contact us to discuss the details.

    We buy surplus equipment!

    Asset Management - * Consignment * - Outright Purchase

    Contact us today for our program details!

  • Our approach is straightforward and efficiently effective.
  • Upon agreeing to purchase price, we move quickly towards payment (in which ever form your choose - CASH, CHECK, WIRE TRANSFER, EFT)  and immediate pickup of equipment is made once our payment is approved. 

    Providing any and all documentation for your records.

Any way you look at it, the credibility of the items listed 
and the business ethics that have been established
over the past 25 years plus, as being one of the
leading used equipment dealer for
LTCC, SMT, Wafer Fab et al. equipment
and other requirements of the Industry -

remain the same!
Thanks for stopping by!